How it works

core crm

Built for speed, our leads management features are easy to use. You can even create any type of custom field including drop downs, radio buttons, date pickers, or plain text to manage your connections YOUR way.

Every single touch point is connected to the company. Having visibility of every data point in one screen saves time.


  •  Import leads
  •  Spreadsheet mode
  •  Website Integration
  •  360° Visibility

Closing Deals

Deep functionality is needed to meet and exceed your sales quota. Follow deals and be notified of any change. Set and monitor sales stages, upload documents, monitor activity and view the summary of everything with one click.

Create a custom sales process to provide the correct strategy for your sales team and make it easy to exceed quota.


  •  Custom sales process
  •  Built-in closing steps
  •  Follow Deals


Get the freedom and flexibility to meet your sales quota. Sky is designed to allow you to set any type of quota you can imagine and provide visual tools to create fun & healthy competition.


  •  Leaderboards
  •  Team Goals
  •  Rewards

Robots & AI

You won’t believe what Sky robots can do until you try it for yourself. Automatically schedule calls, set reminders, send texts, and more so your only job is to close the deal.


  •  Feed and Train AI
  •  Generate Leads
  •  Automatic follow up